• What your users are looking at?
  • Which parts of your website are attracting the most attention?
  • What information your users are ignoring?
  • Which areas are merely distracting your users from finding what they really want?

Eye tracking is the important phase of usability testing, which answers all these questions allowing you to focus on making the most important information on your website also the most visible.
Demo of eye tracking [from]

In demo

  • Dot shows user’s eye moments
  • User looks, what attracts, likes, dislikes

Each circles will be displayed with scores, this gives clear picture how long user was there on that particular place on interface. Big circle or highest marks shows users interest in that content.

Results from Eye Tracking

  • Series of random moments [graphically Zig Zag lines] represent that user was disturbed by layout
  • Series of control moment [graphically linear lines] shows that user was reading

Final out put
It tells most about individual behavior

Tells the behavior of entire group of people

  • bright colors map to show the entire result
  • Warm color represents:– Most Noticed
  • Patch color represents:– Gone through
  • Black color represent:– User ignored or didnt notice, This part will help out lot to understand the biggest negative part of interface.

Silverlight Anatomy

Silverlight Project [set of files]
Root HTML file – provides basic entry to browser
CreateSilverlight.js – specify the control size and reference the XAML
Silverlight.js – isntantiates the silverlight control in the HTML page
Page.XAML – defines UI of the page
Page.xaml.cs – the event driven C# code

Key Characteristics
Runtime for browser RIA’s
Cross browser (IE, Mozilla, Safari)
Cross Platform (Windows, Linux and MAC)
Flexible Programming Language (C#, VB, AJAX, Ruby , Javascript)
-Next generation Media Experience (Streaming audio, video)
Robust Security Model

-Light Weight
-High Performance RIA rendered
-Flexible Programming Model
-Mobile – Silverlgiht apps can be viewd on Mobiles
-DirectX and Direct3D support
-Integrates with ease
-XAML can be crawled
-High speed video streaming, web media, gaming

Visit silverlight official website for real time experience

I got a very good link of silverlight demo, like to share with u

Adobe is going to reply Microsoft with Linux

Hi all,

Interesting news for multimedia and open source people, Adobe is going to comeup with LINUX versions of adobe suit, for users its going to be interesting. And one more news to give answer to silverlight Adobe has decided to shake hand with Moonlight. Moonlight is a opensource based RIA based output in the same line of silverlight, its developed on opensource flexible programming language.

here is the link which will put more light on this CLICK HERE…

Wireframe-prototyping software or tool

Wireframe/prototyping software or tool

while searching for prototyping tool, came across very interesting software which have most of the design elements.
it seems like a pluginn for VISIO.

here is the link, this can be downloaded from here…

Visio – the interaction designer’s nail gun

Ball animation in silverlight

Silverlight a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of .NET based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web. Silverlight offers a flexible programming model that supports AJAX, VB, C#, Python, and Ruby, and integrates with existing Web applications.

Read this document on Scribd: expressionblend-silverlight

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO ?
Search engine optimization, the process of improving ranking in search engine results

here you go —

SEO Tools [Very effective]

Read this document on Scribd: SEO