Win 8 great look and feel

Windows 8 Tablet – Samsung + some apps.
I have all three beautiful devices, Samsung Galaxy(android) + Apple Ipad and Win8 Tab.
believe me these three are having their own beauty and great points. in brief
1. Samsung Galaxy – looks very sleek + has bright appeal
2. Apple Ipad – looks sober + solid apperance
3. Win8 Tab Samsung – very easy to scan + look very familiar and simple.
if i am asked to select one, which i can use for multipule use with very short learning curve definitely i love to go for Win8 tab. Waiting for Microsoft Surface, one thing very sure it  will replace laptop. 
I have seen couple of places where folks are comparing Ipad and Surface, if you ask me there is no comaprision between these two beautiful devices.
Ipad – is great for enteratainment purpose, it has great display and interaction.
Surface – is more serious and has great power with multi capabilities its goign to give competition to laptop/netbook and ultrabooks.
lookign forward to play with Microsoft Surface.

Office 13 look and feel, love it!. Love office color and start screen.

Visual Studio start up screen, great piece of art

Metro UI Design – Good examples / References

while discussing with one of my friends on Metro UI, have tried to collect some of the good examples from net. These are good reference to get start on metro design.

Request – if you friends know some good examples please share here

Must Read info for Win8 Metro App –

this can be interesting

very nice

The Best Mockup Tool – HTML5 based

Love exploring and searching Prototyping tools. Today I have came to know about –!/  from one of my friends, this is exceptional HTML5 based.

I have just tried couple of template to understand/explore these tool, first impression is really great. It has all the basic and very regularly used elements.

How it works – very smooth and fast :), just matter of drag and drop | double click edit | linking pages | publishing in png or PDF format.

NOTE – This works good with CHROME, FIREFOX and SAFARI

Radio Button to Toggle Button

if we are looking for solution where you need Radio button as Toggle button, here is one interesting solution. This we can achieve with just CSS. I have got this solution from

Copy this Style in Header
body {

#bounds {
    border:1px solid #D0D0D0;

#bounds label {

#bounds label span {
    padding:3px 0px;

#bounds label input {

#bounds input:checked span {

Copy this Style in Body
div id=“bounds”
    <label><input type=“radio” name=“toggle”><span>Onspan>label>
    <label><input type=“radio” name=“toggle”><span>Offspan>label>

Solution for Vertically Lengthy Pages

HTML5 Rocks is one of the best site on Internet for HTML5 learning, examples and articles. While visiting this site today, have noticed one very interesting feature which can be very useful for any site/portal which has tons of information and vertical scroll bar on interface.
Attaching two snaps here,
1. we can see one SMALL FLOATING “+” symbol/icon
2. onclick this shows ALL THE TOPICS of page, user can easily move from one section to another.

Great Great feature, believe this can be big selling point for portals/sites. I believe Wikipedia should implemetn this, it will make user job easy to scan/read content.