Win 8 great look and feel

Windows 8 Tablet – Samsung + some apps.
I have all three beautiful devices, Samsung Galaxy(android) + Apple Ipad and Win8 Tab.
believe me these three are having their own beauty and great points. in brief
1. Samsung Galaxy – looks very sleek + has bright appeal
2. Apple Ipad – looks sober + solid apperance
3. Win8 Tab Samsung – very easy to scan + look very familiar and simple.
if i am asked to select one, which i can use for multipule use with very short learning curve definitely i love to go for Win8 tab. Waiting for Microsoft Surface, one thing very sure it  will replace laptop. 
I have seen couple of places where folks are comparing Ipad and Surface, if you ask me there is no comaprision between these two beautiful devices.
Ipad – is great for enteratainment purpose, it has great display and interaction.
Surface – is more serious and has great power with multi capabilities its goign to give competition to laptop/netbook and ultrabooks.
lookign forward to play with Microsoft Surface.

Office 13 look and feel, love it!. Love office color and start screen.

Visual Studio start up screen, great piece of art

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