3D particle system

while going through one discussion, got interested topic…. its about 3d particle system… very frank . i havent done any work or study on this.. m writing here only those points what i got from discussion.. hope u folks will like it..

Particle ? natural smoke and explosions to geometric or organic abstract motion graphics design elements.

better instead of writing … give you good links and softwares here..


1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnTyvWdHDvE&NR=1
2. http://www.openframeworks.cc/gallery
3. http://vimeo.com/6284199

1. http://www.trapcode.com/products_particular.html
2. http://www.nvidia.com/object/physx_new.html
3. http://www.flight404.com/blog/ [blog]
4. http://processing.org/
5. http://www.openframeworks.cc/

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  1. Hi,

    The 3d particle system gives you facilities to make more attractive animation, the technique uses magnetic nanoparticles that can be read by scanners giving a real-time 3D view. 3d rendering mode helps you about to give many different shapes to your applications. Thanks a lot.

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