How to get Creativity ?

1. Create an environment for creativity
2. Start the habit of drawing
3. Create a personal visual library [Start drawing objects in your own style example: Watch, Calculator …. .etc]
4. Create a personal metaphor library
5. Take creative and visual thinking breaks
6. Practice Creativity
7. Read more fiction literature
8. Start a visual thinking school

– vertical lines
– Horizontal Lines
– Circles
– Spirals
– Wavy Lines
– Jagged Lines
– Star(success)
– Diamond(Decision)
– Spiral(Change in Direction)
– circle(harmony)
– Direction(arrow)
– straight
– Triangle (Relationship)

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  1. Wow man!!! you have gathered loooooooot of information about lotttttttt of things …great..I will keep visiting this blog form now onward for my study material.

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