My Experience with Sketchflow – Wireframe Prototype

My First hand on SKETCHFLOW [expression blend], its great!! tool… it has really good tools and feature to create DYNAMIC Wireframe Prototype.
Great features are
1. Artistic HTML elements.. like text field, drop down, combo box.. .etc
– very stylish – drag and drop kind of tool
2. Great flexibility to do interaction part
3. Sketchflow player to see output, it has good tools to give feedback on run time.
4. Map option – this works like sitemap
5. Connector — which is very helpful to create parent, child and connectors
6. Style sheets — once we done with our low prototype, it helps to make it attractive colorful prototype

i m in just starting phase.. love to explore it.. definitely i will come up with good very basic level tutorial on this…
1. Download Demo
2. Unzip

Wireframe Design

What is Wireframe ?

Website wireframes are simple line drawings that show the placement of elements on a web page[User interface].
This works like blue a print or skelton, before starting the actual design. You can save yourself a great deal of time by editing the layout of a simple wireframe at the start of the design process instead of a complex design later.

There are different approaches for this
– Can be very rough sketches on paper [Perfect method…. to get start .. before touching Powerpoint or visio]
– Sketches on board [its very similar to sketches on paper]
– Powerpoint wireframes [ its my fav method… for me its easy to show the navigation .. by using slides of powerpoint..]
– Visio approach [most popular:- beacause this tool has lot of readymade web elements, so user just need to drag and put in right places :)]

here are the some good examples… have got from net…sharing with all of you….
Please check Url of Matt Brett …. he has very good portfolio… CLICK HERE
check this too, please check the portfolio section one by one.. — Nadine Schaeffer

other resources

Wireframe-prototyping software or tool

Wireframe/prototyping software or tool

while searching for prototyping tool, came across very interesting software which have most of the design elements.
it seems like a pluginn for VISIO.

here is the link, this can be downloaded from here…

Visio – the interaction designer’s nail gun