My First hand on SKETCHFLOW [expression blend], its great!! tool… it has really good tools and feature to create DYNAMIC Wireframe Prototype.Great features are1. Artistic HTML elements.. like text field, drop down, combo box.. .etc– very stylish – drag and drop kind of tool2. Great flexibility to do interaction part3. Sketchflow player to see output, it has good tools to give feedback on run time.4. Map option – this works like sitemap5. Connector — which is very helpful to create parent, child and connectors6. Style sheets — once we done with our low prototype, it helps to make it attractive colorful prototype i m in just starting phase.. love to explore it.. definitely i will come up with good very[…]

What is Wireframe ? Website wireframes are simple line drawings that show the placement of elements on a web page[User interface].This works like blue a print or skelton, before starting the actual design. You can save yourself a great deal of time by editing the layout of a simple wireframe at the start of the design process instead of a complex design later. There are different approaches for this– Can be very rough sketches on paper [Perfect method…. to get start .. before touching Powerpoint or visio]– Sketches on board [its very similar to sketches on paper]– Powerpoint wireframes [ its my fav method… for me its easy to show the navigation .. by using slides of powerpoint..]– Visio approach[…]