one of my fav tool which i use when i get in to client discussion or app understanding phase. This is in built app for Win7 and it captures screenshot + gives you some basic document(please try out, its interesting to read :)). Incase i dont have any screen video recorder, ll go for this and it takes snaps of your action. Other important part, you can use this images for your own presentation purpose or documentation purpose. Problem Steps Recorder – win7 [I m not sure about winXP or vista]Purpose — Records screen[visual] + User’s reaction[text]Result—– MHMLWho can use ?– support engineers as– software developers– UX engineersBenefits—– Easier to receive a bug or problem ticket in much more detail.– Developers[…]

Here is one of the best online available tool for UI Mockups Click on the containers tab, and drag a new dialog/window onto the page. Click the dialog/window and then look at the little pop-up on the right. You can trivially add a scrollbar and indicate where the thumb should be. You can turn on/off the icons in the top right corner. Adjust the status bar region. Its very user friendly and very easy to use .. we folks can have hand on this… We need to download this for use… here is the print screen of application Interesting point is even Microsoft Expression team is coming up with SketchFlow in its coming BLEND 3. This will be great[…]

Usability Testing is one of the important phase of UCD process, its the last but most important part. Usability testing gives the exact information about the User’s experience on product.What is Usability Testing Software or Environment ?The automated Usability Test Environment (UTE) Tool is software used to collect, analyze, and report the results of scenario-based Web site usability tests. The UTE Tool helps federal Web managers efficiently and effectively test their Web sites to make them more citizen-centric.Recently I have came across some products which are very good 1. MOREA from Techsmith [licence— WINDOWS]2. Uservue from Techsmith [licence— WINDOWS]3. Userfocus [Free]4. Jink [Free]4. Silverbackapp [licence— APPLE MAC] + Google Analytic is excellent tool .. it gives you the complete information[…]

It’s a very interesting point, true! Sometimes we find it difficult to define these terms such as User experience, Usability, Usability engineering, Usability testing….. .etc Fine, let me try to define in a very simple way… because once we understand anything from a layman’s side or from the top… then its not difficult to put our own logic and drill it I am just sharing my knowledge here, Please feel free to correct me if i am wrong in approach Note: Any term like Usability, User, audience.. these comes into the picture when we are developing or creating any product for USERS.I am mentioning this, because there are number of sites which are abstract.. they don’t worry about users, example[…]

USABILITY TESTING— EYETRACKING— DO YOU KNOW What your users are looking at? Which parts of your website are attracting the most attention? What information your users are ignoring? Which areas are merely distracting your users from finding what they really want? Eye tracking is the important phase of usability testing, which answers all these questions allowing you to focus on making the most important information on your website also the most visible.Demo of eye tracking [from] In demo Dot shows user’s eye moments User looks, what attracts, likes, dislikes Each circles will be displayed with scores, this gives clear picture how long user was there on that particular place on interface. Big circle or highest marks shows users interest[…]

Hi all I am sharing some of the best and useful links with all of you…. i m going to continue this and add more.. please wait for some more time… 🙂 YOu all friends can suggest links…. Excellent example of Component based customize site:-1. www.igoogle.com2. www.netvibes.com3. Web guidelines sites1. Free Vector Graphic Tools, its like my brush1. Images/Graphic sites1. Blog Sites1. Best Usability sites1. www.salesforce.com2. www.bharatmatrimonial.com3. [checkout the graphs]4. [Process is easy to use, defect free and fast.]5. Philips [interesting navigation]6. Cricinfo Open Source site1. Best Tutorial / Knowledge Sharing sites1. 2. Plugin for Firefox1. Webdeveloper addon2. Piclens for image viewer Submitted Papers1. Experiences of SCORM Implementation[…]