Silverlight Anatomy

Silverlight Project [set of files]
Root HTML file – provides basic entry to browser
CreateSilverlight.js – specify the control size and reference the XAML
Silverlight.js – isntantiates the silverlight control in the HTML page
Page.XAML – defines UI of the page
Page.xaml.cs – the event driven C# code

Key Characteristics
Runtime for browser RIA’s
Cross browser (IE, Mozilla, Safari)
Cross Platform (Windows, Linux and MAC)
Flexible Programming Language (C#, VB, AJAX, Ruby , Javascript)
-Next generation Media Experience (Streaming audio, video)
Robust Security Model

-Light Weight
-High Performance RIA rendered
-Flexible Programming Model
-Mobile – Silverlgiht apps can be viewd on Mobiles
-DirectX and Direct3D support
-Integrates with ease
-XAML can be crawled
-High speed video streaming, web media, gaming

Visit silverlight official website for real time experience

I got a very good link of silverlight demo, like to share with u