Windows 7 Shutdown misleads User

Windows 7 shutdown mislead users
Reason –
1. On mouse over Shutdown and Arrow gets highlighted the same time. but other side.. both have different purpose
Shutdown – to shutdown system
Arrow – This gives different options

I have tested the same with different users, most of the users were not able to get Shutdown in first effort.

What happens… when user try to shutdown
Start >>Shutdown and Mouse Over Shutdown [shutdown and arrow gets highlight same time]

How it misleads
1. User’s purpose is to shutdown OS, but because of Arrow User gets distracted
2. User clicks on Arrow, which shows some technical words like HIBERNATE | SWITCH user.. which are not common for all users.
3. Important there is no SHUTDOWN option here.

Simply, both should be highlighted separately.

I got to know this, when my wife was trying to shutdown my WIN 7 OS… it was very interesting to see her effort 🙂