VISUAL THINKING TIPS1. Create an environment for creativity2. Start the habit of drawing3. Create a personal visual library [Start drawing objects in your own style example: Watch, Calculator …. .etc]4. Create a personal metaphor library5. Take creative and visual thinking breaks6. Practice Creativity7. Read more fiction literature8. Start a visual thinking school VISUAL THINKING TOOLKITS– vertical lines– Horizontal Lines– Circles– Spirals– Wavy Lines– Jagged Lines– Star(success)– Diamond(Decision)– Spiral(Change in Direction)– circle(harmony)– Direction(arrow)– straight– Triangle (Relationship)

Hi friends,I am working on Course Syllabus for Diploma in Multimedia. Here is the presentation, have a look and give your comments. This will guide/help me to make proper syllabus. Multimedia Course Syllabus – Upload a Document to Scribd Read this document on Scribd: Multimedia Course Syllabus

Hi all I am sharing some of the best and useful links with all of you…. i m going to continue this and add more.. please wait for some more time… 🙂 YOu all friends can suggest links…. Excellent example of Component based customize site:-1. www.igoogle.com2. www.netvibes.com3. Web guidelines sites1. Free Vector Graphic Tools, its like my brush1. Images/Graphic sites1. Blog Sites1. Best Usability sites1. www.salesforce.com2. www.bharatmatrimonial.com3. [checkout the graphs]4. [Process is easy to use, defect free and fast.]5. Philips [interesting navigation]6. Cricinfo Open Source site1. Best Tutorial / Knowledge Sharing sites1. 2. Plugin for Firefox1. Webdeveloper addon2. Piclens for image viewer Submitted Papers1. Experiences of SCORM Implementation[…]