My First hand on SKETCHFLOW [expression blend], its great!! tool… it has really good tools and feature to create DYNAMIC Wireframe Prototype.Great features are1. Artistic HTML elements.. like text field, drop down, combo box.. .etc– very stylish – drag and drop kind of tool2. Great flexibility to do interaction part3. Sketchflow player to see output, it has good tools to give feedback on run time.4. Map option – this works like sitemap5. Connector — which is very helpful to create parent, child and connectors6. Style sheets — once we done with our low prototype, it helps to make it attractive colorful prototype i m in just starting phase.. love to explore it.. definitely i will come up with good very[…]

User and developer have number of questions about silverlight capabilities, because we people are very use to flash and other technologies. here i like to share a link which tells how can be a RIA, 🙂 i think, now no need of giving any detailed Please Launch and see the demos

Came to know about new [for me its new :)] technology, called JAVAFX JavaFX is a family of products for creating Rich internet applications. The focus of this tool is to empower users proficient in web scripting technologies (such as HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript and ActionScript) to create connected applications that run in standard web browsers as well as on the desktop. These applications can be optimized to run on mobile devices as JavaFX Mobile is made available in the Spring 2009 and on other devices in the future to know more in detail Click here

Hi all, Interesting news for multimedia and open source people, Adobe is going to comeup with LINUX versions of adobe suit, for users its going to be interesting. And one more news to give answer to silverlight Adobe has decided to shake hand with Moonlight. Moonlight is a opensource based RIA based output in the same line of silverlight, its developed on opensource flexible programming language. here is the link which will put more light on this CLICK HERE…

Hi all I am sharing some of the best and useful links with all of you…. i m going to continue this and add more.. please wait for some more time… 🙂 YOu all friends can suggest links…. Excellent example of Component based customize site:-1. www.igoogle.com2. www.netvibes.com3. Web guidelines sites1. Free Vector Graphic Tools, its like my brush1. Images/Graphic sites1. Blog Sites1. Best Usability sites1. www.salesforce.com2. www.bharatmatrimonial.com3. [checkout the graphs]4. [Process is easy to use, defect free and fast.]5. Philips [interesting navigation]6. Cricinfo Open Source site1. Best Tutorial / Knowledge Sharing sites1. 2. Plugin for Firefox1. Webdeveloper addon2. Piclens for image viewer Submitted Papers1. Experiences of SCORM Implementation[…]