Oneplus 5t Camera Review with pics, pros and cons

Oneplus 5t Camera Review with pics, pros and cons

Recently bought my Oneplus 5t, m just loving this. My first impression was good but i was not very happy with the camera. Not sure, but in some cases it producing pic like OIL PAINT effect. I was really worried as Camera is my fav piece in mobile. One of the reasons buying 5T was a camera, before 5t i had oneplus one, which had a great camera.But now i have different views, so i thought let me share it here.
in short
– Great phone
– Great Battery life
– Great look
– Now Great camera, let me share pics to compliment my statement

– In some cases, you get output like OilPainting. I think this is known issue for Oneplus 5t. Not sure if they are going to release any patch/solution for the same
– except this, no other points

for more pics, plz visit my 500px – Frankfurt Airport – Kerala -Kerala – Kerala – Kerala Perambara – Car Kerala – Kerala – Hannover Messe

stay tuned, i will be sharing more pics 🙂











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