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Good Form Designing – Tips

for me, form designing is one of the most tough part.. there is no easy way to handle this. sharing some of the ways to handle this
– Understand the business purpose of whole app
– Go through scenarios at least 3 times before starting IA/IxD part
– Identify CONSTANT and DYNAMIC content
– Identify different kind of ACTIONS
– Identify MANDATORY fields
– Do proper POC of ERROR MESSAGE (Client Side) and FEEDBACK Message(successful/failure/continue)
– Error/Feedback is very important part, there need to be great consistency
– For Content – Better to use INFORMAL LANGUAGE
—— Things are in process, feel free to have “Cup of Coffee”
—— Heay Traffic in Seattle(City), Data will take some time to come 🙂

– Some of the great tools/features are
—— Accordion
—— Wizard
—— Yes/No  – Toggle (
—— Flyouts
—— Description Text
—— Inline Editing
—— AutoSave

I have some good example, ll be sharing here. If you have any links or content, please share.. ll update this with your name. My ideas is to make good repository of UX info, which we can refer during our dev process.

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