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How to do Windows 8 App design

I have been going through good number of blogs to understand win8 design in more detail, i think its better to share here publicly and have open opinion and views on the same.

I will be posting all the materials one by one here. let me start with basic RESOURCE which will help us to understand win8.

Win8 –
Win8design –

please go through each case studies to get better understanding of win8

Win8 PowerPoint template
Free Windows 8 Wireframe Templates for PowerPoint –

Windows 8 application – Interaction

Free Windows 8 Photoshop files

How to design Form Interface for Windows8

Free Windows 8 Icon Set

  • – Download this tool, one of the best Icon sets
  • In powerpoint(office 2013) there
    is storyboarding feature, from there we can click on element and say
    right click to save as PNG format

Paid PowerPoint Template

Win8 design inspiration

Windows 8 animation

Adds in Windows8 app

Advertising guidelines can be found here
Case studies
Xbox example

Error display in Windows 8

Downloads for building Store apps

More Resources
Please read my previous post –

I will be adding more, if you have any questions please feel free to post/mail me (

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