Solution for Vertically Lengthy Pages

HTML5 Rocks is one of the best site on Internet for HTML5 learning, examples and articles. While visiting this site today, have noticed one very interesting feature which can be very useful for any site/portal which has tons of information and vertical scroll bar on interface.
Attaching two snaps here,
1. we can see one SMALL FLOATING “+” symbol/icon
2. onclick this shows ALL THE TOPICS of page, user can easily move from one section to another.

Great Great feature, believe this can be big selling point for portals/sites. I believe Wikipedia should implemetn this, it will make user job easy to scan/read content.

UI Guidelines reference

as a part of UX Process and Design process, coming with Design Guideline document is very important part. This is very important for client sign off and for dev process. This is great way to set standard and define mood of brand/application. while searching for some reference on net, got to see a great place where i can get some of the best guidelines of different companies.
love to share here –

please have a look and book mark this one

PowerPoint – Great Prototyping Tool

I have been big fan of powerpoint prototyping.. in most of the projects to do IA i have taken PPT approach.
Strong reason, very easy tool to handle and share with others. Beauti which makes PPT more useful/powerful its universal kind of app for maximum users, it makes Customer/reviewer  job easy to give comments on your wireframe/story. For them its just matter of putting Block and writing their comments with in that. Yes, you can do low to high fidelity in prototypes.

Recently Microsoft has launched PPT Storyboarding feature with Visual Studio 11. There are great blogs, request please have a look at

First time when I came to know about this, question was
Do I need to have Visual STudio to have Storyboard feature and tools in my PowerPoint?
Answer – NO

Yes, we can just install .msi and ll be ready with our Storyboard feature within Microsoft PowerPoint.

I started using this for my couple of projects, believe me its great experience. I started loving this.
here is very good article + downloadable file –

If you are interested to read Storyboarding concept, please have a look at my own thoughts/concept –