I have been big fan of Cleartrip, very neat and simple app…  as user when I go with my goal to this app, it tells me minimum way to achieve that.
Today I thought of trying out Expedia,, was shocked by seeing that both have same Information architecture and interaction pattern + look and feel too.

If we hide header, no way to know on which site/app we are. I am not sure if its from same company or not.

2 thoughts on “Same IA for two popular websites

  1. Anonymous says:

    No matter since most the database is same for all Travel and Portal Sites… they just jiggled out… Even you can upload a Travel site and earn money by just Diverting the traffic, if Ticket is booked money is urs… cheers its business!!! TC

  2. :).. looks like here i am wrong or i have less knowldege on this, i came to know from my freind that Expedia is using cleartrip services in India.

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