Same IA for two popular websites

I have been big fan of Cleartrip, very neat and simple app…  as user when I go with my goal to this app, it tells me minimum way to achieve that.
Today I thought of trying out Expedia,, was shocked by seeing that both have same Information architecture and interaction pattern + look and feel too.

If we hide header, no way to know on which site/app we are. I am not sure if its from same company or not.

What is Metro Design

There are definitions on net, from my understanding its design canvas where each element has its own Information and Interaction. It sounds very similar to Vector definition (A quantity having direction as well as magnitude).

one of the best beautiful part of it, that this stands out from crowd. Even Metro concept has came from Railway station and Airport where we can find signboards whch stands out from these heavily public places and guide us to achieve our goal.