UT Tool – Problem Steps Recorder – win7

one of my fav tool which i use when i get in to client discussion or app understanding phase. This is in built app for Win7 and it captures screenshot + gives you some basic document(please try out, its interesting to read :)). 

Incase i dont have any screen video recorder, ll go for this and it takes snaps of your action. Other important part, you can use this images for your own presentation purpose or documentation purpose.

Problem Steps Recorder – win7 [I m not sure about winXP or vista]
Purpose — Records screen[visual] + User’s reaction[text]
Result—– MHML
Who can use ?
– support engineers as
– software developers
– UX engineers
– Easier to receive a bug or problem ticket in much more detail.
– Developers will be enable to reproduce the steps that is causing an error
– Support engineers or help desk responsibles will be able to visualize and catch the problem
– Screenshots with very light file size

Demo – http://www.istartedsomething.com/20090111/windows-7-problem-steps-recorder-miracle-tool/

Windows 7 Shutdown misleads User

Windows 7 shutdown mislead users
Reason –
1. On mouse over Shutdown and Arrow gets highlighted the same time. but other side.. both have different purpose
Shutdown – to shutdown system
Arrow – This gives different options

I have tested the same with different users, most of the users were not able to get Shutdown in first effort.

What happens… when user try to shutdown
Start >>Shutdown and Mouse Over Shutdown [shutdown and arrow gets highlight same time]

How it misleads
1. User’s purpose is to shutdown OS, but because of Arrow User gets distracted
2. User clicks on Arrow, which shows some technical words like HIBERNATE | SWITCH user.. which are not common for all users.
3. Important there is no SHUTDOWN option here.

Simply, both should be highlighted separately.

I got to know this, when my wife was trying to shutdown my WIN 7 OS… it was very interesting to see her effort πŸ™‚