How to make blog popular?

How to make your blog effective??

Let me try to put here in very layman angle…

  • From the Content [King of your blog] side.. it should be RICH..
  • Your content should have tagging to key words [even m not following this properly]…. Like wikipedia. But keep one thing in mind… whenever u hyperlink any keyword within your content. Make target = new window, so that user will not lose your page.
  • Write proper TAGS / LABELS + DESCRIPTIONS + KEYWORDS … its part of SEO [Search engine Optimizations]… it makes your blog searchable on internet.
  • Register your site on all search engines [yahoo, live, aol .. google]There are number of sites where you can register your blogs, that works for you as a SEO.. .like BLOGCATALOG, BLOGADDA..
  • Keep your blogs as a mail signature, it shows your presents on internet
  • Keep update your blogs with latest informations
  • There are very effective widgets from google-blogs, include those all in ur blogs example— LABELS
  • Most important, Visits others blog… write commments… leave your signature with blog address
  • Make your profile on social and professional communities with blog address

For more…can do googling….. there are good ways… 🙂

Expand and Collapse Container

Expand and collapse option through JS and CSS
Follow steps
1. Copy this code in notepad
2. Save your note pad as .html or .htm
3. Open with browser… solution is ready 🙂

<html xmlns:v="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" xmlns:o="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office">

<style type="text/css">

<script type="text/javascript">
var collapseDivs, collapseLinks;

function createDocumentStructure (tagName) {
if (document.getElementsByTagName) {
var elements = document.getElementsByTagName(tagName);
collapseDivs = new Array(elements.length);
collapseLinks = new Array(elements.length);
for (var i = 0; i < elements.length; i++) {
var element = elements[i];
var siblingContainer;
if (document.createElement &&
(siblingContainer = document.createElement('div')) &&
var nextSibling = element.nextSibling;

var nextElement = elements[i + 1];
while (nextSibling != nextElement && nextSibling != null) {
var toMove = nextSibling;
nextSibling = nextSibling.nextSibling;
} = 'none';

collapseDivs[i] = siblingContainer;

createCollapseLink(element, siblingContainer, i);
else {
// no dynamic creation of elements possible

function createCollapseLink (element, siblingContainer, index) {
var span;
if (document.createElement && (span = document.createElement

('span'))) {

var link = document.createElement('a');
link.collapseDiv = siblingContainer;
link.href = '#';
link.onclick = collapseExpandLink;
collapseLinks[index] = link;

function collapseExpandLink (evt) {
if ( == '') { = 'none';
this.firstChild.nodeValue = '[+]';
else { = '';
this.firstChild.nodeValue = '[-]';

if (evt && evt.preventDefault) {
return false;

<script type="text/javascript">
function popup(url)
var width = 1200;
var height = 927;
var left = (screen.width - width)/2;
var top = (screen.height - height)/2;
var params = 'width='+width+', height='+height;
params += ', top='+top+', left='+left;
params += ', directories=no';
params += ', location=no';
params += ', menubar=no';
params += ', resizable=no';
params += ', scrollbars=no';
params += ', status=no';
params += ', toolbar=no';,'windowname5', params);
if (window.focus) {newwin.focus()}
return false;
// -->

<script type="text/javascript">
window.onload = function (evt) {

<style type="text/css">

<div style="width:70%; float:left;">
<H4>Question? </H4>

You can write number of questions and answer, this is one of the best solution from the user experience angle. This helps to make layout without having vertical scroll bar.

Thanks folks.. coming days.. ll add some more interesting stuffs here…

Usability Testing Softwares

Usability Testing is one of the important phase of UCD process, its the last but most important part. Usability testing gives the exact information about the User’s experience on product.

What is Usability Testing Software or Environment ?
The automated Usability Test Environment (UTE) Tool is software used to collect, analyze, and report the results of scenario-based Web site usability tests. The UTE Tool helps federal Web managers efficiently and effectively test their Web sites to make them more citizen-centric.

Recently I have came across some products which are very good

1. MOREA from Techsmith [licence— WINDOWS]
2. Uservue from Techsmith [licence— WINDOWS]
3. Userfocus [Free]
4. Jink
4. Silverbackapp
[licence— APPLE MAC]

+ Google Analytic is excellent tool .. it gives you the complete information about site, visitors, from which part of country, what content they r looking for, what keywords they r looking for, how long they r on ur site… .etc .etc. Lot of information with graphical representation. This helps you to understand your ROI part.

This is useful especially if you create a site for your business. Using Analytics’s sophisticated and easy to use tools you can even find out which geographic area your visitors come from. To use Google Analytics on your site, all you have to do is sign-in to the Analytics website google/anaytics. You will be given tracking ID code. This need to be entered within your site, this simple javascript which helps Google/analytics to track your site.

To check the statistics, just sign in google/analytic with your google id. This will give you the dashboard with all valuable information, which will improve ROI of your website.

Use Morae to record exactly what customers do and say, discover patterns in the data, key in on significant moments, and build a compelling case for how to improve the customer experience.
To know in detail, how it works there is one good article here with description and graphis… please visit here

Want to see someone else’s screen and record what they’re doing? Talk to them as they’re using Web sites? Immediately understand what they’re doing?
Real users, real feedback

UserVue is an online service that lets you remotely observe and record users’ desktops as they navigate applications and sites:

  • Perform user testing
  • user research
  • design feedback
  • on projects

Most people use Microsoft Excel to analyse the results of usability tests, but did you know you can use it to collect the data too? This spreadsheet allows you to measure task completion rates, analyse questionnaire data, and summarise participant comments. It even includes a timer so you can measure time-on-task. The spreadsheet is highly customisable

It records what users see, do, and talk on a computer. With a web cam, you can also record their facial expression. The limitation is that recording time is capped at 15 minutes.
Video tutorial

Webnographer is a new tool for Asynchronous Un-Moderated Remote User Testing.

It enables fast user testing outside of the labs. Development team are able to get results back in a couple of hours using more than the normal number of participants, and far cheaper.
Product site:-

Rajesh to U[online friends]:— Please add more to this list if you know any Software or tool which helps to understand experience of users. Looking for responses… 🙂