Great Open Source free tools + CMS for web development

Hi all

Love to say thanks to Nathan Jeffery for sharing some of the great and useful open source tool links here with full description

m just doing mirror of Nathan’s mail and adding some links from my end 🙂

Great Open Source tools for web development

Tools (for editing images to use on your sites) (scalable vector creation and editing tool, can
also import other formats) (3d designs for really effective headers and
buttons) (a stack for windows of Apache, MySQL,
Php for local development) (text editor for
creating your HTML, CSS and PHP) (text editor for mac) (text editor for mac) (tools for
mac) (cross platform IDE, don’t use the WYSIWYG
only use the text editor) (for advanced cross platform programming) (open source database engine) (opensource database engine) (server side scripting language) (site and keyword analysis tools) (for getting an idea of what your site looks
like on different setups) (free ebook on

Browsers: (it’s good to test locally in as many environments as
possible) (PC and Mac) (cross platform) (currently windows) (PC and Mac)

Skills (awesome learning centre) (more learning resources) (info on CSS, will save you tons of
time) (example CSS websites and downloads to use and
learn from) (web standards and resources for learning, they
set the rules)

Content Management Systems (either use as is, modified or learn from
them they’re opensource)
Online Tutorial for JOOMLA
Ning [Create Social Networking Site] —
Open Source CMS lists

Project Management Systems (either use as is, modified or learn from
them they’re opensource) [Project Management Tool]


How to get Creativity ?

1. Create an environment for creativity
2. Start the habit of drawing
3. Create a personal visual library [Start drawing objects in your own style example: Watch, Calculator …. .etc]
4. Create a personal metaphor library
5. Take creative and visual thinking breaks
6. Practice Creativity
7. Read more fiction literature
8. Start a visual thinking school

– vertical lines
– Horizontal Lines
– Circles
– Spirals
– Wavy Lines
– Jagged Lines
– Star(success)
– Diamond(Decision)
– Spiral(Change in Direction)
– circle(harmony)
– Direction(arrow)
– straight
– Triangle (Relationship)