UX Designer vs UX Researcher

It’s a very interesting point, true! Sometimes we find it difficult to define these terms such as User experience, Usability, Usability engineering, Usability testing….. .etc

Fine, let me try to define in a very simple way… because once we understand anything from a layman’s side or from the top… then its not difficult to put our own logic and drill it

I am just sharing my knowledge here, Please feel free to correct me if i am wrong in approach

Note: Any term like Usability, User, audience.. these comes into the picture when we are developing or creating any product for USERS.
I am mentioning this, because there are number of sites which are abstract.. they don’t worry about users, example most of Artist’s Profile on net.
Simply we can say USER is our Super hero of this development cycle

In brief.. there are different stages of any user related product/project [this is from the front hand[User interface] side..]

1. Research and Analysis
2. Information Architecture
3. Wireframe/ Blueprint/Prototype
4. Mood Boards
5. User Interface Design
6. Development
7. Usability Testing
8. Bug Fixing
9. Production

Just to make it very simple, I am just giving importance to User Experience Researcher and Designer’s Role

I. Research and Analysis, Information Architecture, Wireframe User Experience Researcher’s Role
Process of discovering…

  • Who the users are
  • How they think and work
  • The Stake holders goals and objectives

Collecting Data on

  • Users profiles
  • Work environment
  • Scenarios of how user’s will use the interface
  • Task Analysis

II. Mood Boards, User Interface Design User Experience Designer’s Role
User Interface Skins/ template design

  • Understanding the Brand guidelines of product/project, if its existing or setting new guidelines in case of new
  • Template design based on wireframe and Mood boards

JAVAFX—- Answer to Flash and silverlight from JAVA ?

Came to know about new [for me its new :)] technology, called JAVAFX

JavaFX is a family of products for creating Rich internet applications.

The focus of this tool is to empower users proficient in web scripting technologies (such as HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript and ActionScript) to create connected applications that run in standard web browsers as well as on the desktop.

These applications can be optimized to run on mobile devices as JavaFX Mobile is made available in the Spring 2009 and on other devices in the future

to know more in detail Click here

Internet Explorer 8 [IE8]

Internet Explorer 8 [IE8]

Microsoft has recently come up with Best User Friendly Browser tool for user. This IE8 is amazing tool for users, for me its difficult to believe this kind of tool can be possible from browser perspective. By seeing this I gets feel that Microsoft is able to full fill their promises. Some of the features which makes IE8 different and user friendly are….
1. Integrated Microsoft live within IE8

2. Search Suggestion with Visual

3. Accelerator:– A new feature, user can select key words and in One Click user can get lot of information for that keywords through other sites.


  • User is looking for J-Lopez on Microsoft Live
  • Can see the complete profile in one click from Wikipedia
  • Can see the price and availability of music albums in ebay / Stumbleupon
  • If any address information is existing can get the Map from Live Search

4. With a Right Click user can connect to My Space, Map with Live Search, Face book, Define with Dictionary.com and other third part communities

5. Provides Web developer tools to quickly debug html + CSS and scripts in a browser environment
6. Webslices [represented by small icon] is a new feature similar to that used in RSS Feed , which allows users to subscribe directly from a Web Page. And the web pages which are subscribed will be added to the favourites.
7. InPrivate feature, one of the very interesting and useful feature. User can browse in security mode, this will not store any kind of information in cache. This can be very helpful for banking/ secure kind of browsing

Click here for demo

Multimedia Course Development

Hi friends,
I am working on Course Syllabus for Diploma in Multimedia. Here is the presentation, have a look and give your comments. This will guide/help me to make proper syllabus.

Read this document on Scribd: Multimedia Course Syllabus