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Free tool to create GIF ANIMATION

Friends,  recently while understanding “GIF ANIMATION” .. got to explore very interesting tool from Cockos.  This is free and very effective to create GIF animation. just captures your action and save it as animated gif.

Where this can be useful?
– To show interaction concept during UX concept excercise
– To show click walkthrough of scenario
– To capture click from Videos/Youtube and share it wherever gif images are supported

For more Details – Cockos

For Download – from SOFTONIC

for example, have captured one of my animation



Boy from Boy Text – Drawing Trick

One of my fav trick to draw boy character. Interesting part.. i have learned this great trick from my class 5th Student.

love to say thanks to him

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HTML5 Performance – 5 points to take care

html 5 tips to take care

html 5 tips to take care

– No to Cookies and Yes to HTML5 Web storage

– No to Javascript Animation and Yes to CSS Transitions

– No to Server side communication and Yes to client side

– No to sprite image and Yes to CSS3 effect

–  Use to HTML 5 form attributes and input types


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just scribble , expressing some thoughts

women, female, lady

women in shapes

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A killer



Design Inspiration – Chrome Addon

UX lovers, love to share Chrome Addon from

just add MUZLI to your chrome and get inspiration on the daily bases. Really great application, this is my default page.

muzli, chrome addeon

muzli chrome addon for design inspiration

Digital Sketching Trick

Sharing one of the tricks to do quick digital sketches

1. Sketch IDEA on Paper
2. Take pic of that and send it yourself :)
3. Open this pic with any image editing tool. Just do improvisation.

in Illustrator

In Photoshop
– go to IMAGE > FILTER

In Flash
– open image and do break a part or trace

drawing tip, trick, sketching

drawing trip


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Cancel vs Close Button

Projects where we have different UX folks working on different modules, though they try to be consistent but in some scenarios things get block. one of the interesting topic is Close vs Cancel button usage :).

to make it simple

Cancel to terminate/roll back a process.  Conscious decision from users.
Example – any business form interface is good example.

Close to shut the interface/dialog and leave changes applied
Example – picture viewer or any scenario where application doesn’t have flow/business behavior.

who should come first Cancel/ Close with Save
Depends, as long as  you are taking care of this consistently any pattern is good. I understand there are blogs/articles they claim SAVE to be on left side and CANCEL on right side. But again very difficult to prove which one is current. I would prefer to SAVE go right in business scenarios, this ll make end user think before selecting save just because of left to right flow.

There are application where we can see interface is using Close and Cancel together.
– Cancel – This is to cancel ongoing process
– Close – This is to close open window.

example – CMS ,visual studio TFS, office 365


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