Windows 10 Icon – Segoe Font Package

Great repository of Win 10 icons from Segoe Font family

1. Segoe family should have in system

2. now JUST copy and paste “ICON” from -  here

3. make sure font is selected as – “SEGOE MDL2″

some more links -

Segoe Font Win10 Icon set

Window 10 Icon

Drawing with alphabets

From Facebook I have got to see this exceptional video, great ways to learn drawing

Surgically extract images from PPTX

Magical technique to EXTRACT each and every images from any POWERPOINT file.

powerpoint image extraction

great technique to extract images from powerpoint file


Drawing illustrations with PowerPoint

Yes Friends!, we can draw illustrations with PowerPoint. This one of my fav option in Powerpoint. You can customize any of the shapes in powerpoint with Edit and Add Points. To make it to the point, just follow below steps and create interesting shapes.

illustrations in PPT_rajeshrnair

powerpoint illustration. Edit and Add Point in PPT

powerpoint illustration. Edit and Add Point in PPT

Mr Reader

hipster style

hipster style

After long time i have done some sketching, sharing with you friends. Hope you ll like this sketch.

Must read – UX Books

• The Design of Everyday Things” by Donald A. Norman
• Don’t make me think” by Steve Krug
• Sketching User Experience – Bill Buxton
• About Face 3: The essentials of interaction design” by Cooper, Reimann & Cronin
• GUI Bloopers 2.0″ by Jeff Johnson
• The Humane Interface” by Jef Raskin
• Designing Web Usability” by Jakob Nielsenp
• Designing the Obvious” by Robert Hoekman Jr

• Information Dashboard Design: The Effective Visual Communication of Data by Stephen Few
• Web Form Design by Luke Wroblewski
• Interaction Design by Rogers, Preece et al.
• Designing Interfaces by Jenifer Tidwell
• The Visual Display of Quantitative Data by Edward Tufte’s
• User Interface Design for Programmers by Joel Spolsky
- Free Book on net –

some of the great informations are here –


Messi an Artist – Free Wallpaper


Messi an artist or argentinian player

Messi an Artist – illustrated by my brother Rakesh. for more – feel free to visit his blog –


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point = pixel = % = ems

very useful info, this talks about Point, Pixel, ems and percentage values.

Points Pixels Ems Percent
6pt 8px 0.5em 50%
7pt 9px 0.55em 55%
7.5pt 10px 0.625em 62.5%
8pt 11px 0.7em 70%
9pt 12px 0.75em 75%
10pt 13px 0.8em 80%
10.5pt 14px 0.875em 87.5%
11pt 15px 0.95em 95%
12pt 16px 1em 100%
13pt 17px 1.05em 105%
13.5pt 18px 1.125em 112.5%
14pt 19px 1.2em 120%
14.5pt 20px 1.25em 125%
15pt 21px 1.3em 130%
16pt 22px 1.4em 140%
17pt 23px 1.45em 145%
18pt 24px 1.5em 150%
20pt 26px 1.6em 160%
22pt 29px 1.8em 180%
24pt 32px 2em 200%
26pt 35px 2.2em 220%
27pt 36px 2.25em 225%
28pt 37px 2.3em 230%
29pt 38px 2.35em 235%
30pt 40px 2.45em 245%
32pt 42px 2.55em 255%
34pt 45px 2.75em 275%
36pt 48px 3em 300%


Microsoft ID Card designed in Microsoft Design Language

Not official – This is just an Idea/Concept of Microsoft Identity Card.  C&C please :)




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just 3 steps and create great illustrations

One of the best illustration tools i have experienced. This has great brushes and very smooth. I am very sure once you start using this you ll go back to your old school days + your love ll grow for Win8 Tab.

folks who are interested to play, here is the tutorial in sequence to play with fresh paint.illustration tool

freshpaint tutorial

Download -